My experience at Vipassana: Mind matters or mind Vs matter

I had been planning to go for a Vipassana course since a long time but I was never in the right stage. When I was younger I was either too happy or too sad. When I was happy, 10 days in my life I would rather spend on a holiday exploring a new place than... Continue Reading →


My experience of Shiva: Tandav, the cosmic dance

In Tantra, it is believed whatever is true in the Universe is also true in the "self". Therefore if the self is experienced, the Universe following the same blueprint is experienced as well. Here is a narration of my experience with the presence of energy body or prana-kosha: "19th Oct, 2017: I was focusing on... Continue Reading →

Stories behind the artwork: Life and the actor

Krishna is known for leela, the attitude of playfulness towards life. In this, the realized being does not abstain from life realizing its falseness rather embraces it and plays it like an actor. The difference being he does not associate the temporary joys and sorrows with his identity anymore. Yet he plays those parts passionately... Continue Reading →

Stories behind the artwork: Swan and the peacock

One represents the seeking of truth, the other represents the celebration of life. One represents indulgence, the other represents withdrawal. Though the material and the spiritual world apparently appear to be in contrast to one another, deeper understanding of either reveals it as reflection. The peacock at the peak of his realization looks at himself... Continue Reading →

The India Studies: Course outline

To understand India it is important to understand its soul. This is a country with a strong spiritual core. When Krishna guides Arjun encouraging him in battle, he still discourages him in violence. Now this itself is a controversy that a mind which is not trained in this school of thinking cannot penetrate. This kind of controversy is in the lengths and breaths of India. To understand India, one has to train. This is a course outline for a design institute which could prepare its students with that stronger base.

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