My experience of Shiva: Cosmic energy and Jeevatman

It is fascinating that many of my questions are these days getting answered at my meditations. And the many visual informations I am gathering through the experiences at that time could be jotted down even though not fully comprehended right now.

I had been long wondering why Shiva wears the crescent moon at his head. What does that signify? The different phases, yes. Shiva represents the destruction. And hence a moon with its changing phases could be a reminder of the fullness and the gradual disappearances, like the beginning and the end of the Universe in a continuous cycle. But is that all?

I had been practising chakra yoga recently. When one by one I concentrated on all my chakras and reached the crown, a fountain of energies showered my whole body. It was almost like a cold shower but of light and the light was white.

This later, reminded me of the images of Shiva with Ganga pouring on his head.

I quite feel this cool light could easily be associated with the moonlight, very gentle and soft.

18th Oct, 2017: Another day, during my meditation after concentrating on my breath for a long time, I realized I could not feel the sense of my physical body anymore. At that point from below my chest came out a flame of light from that emptiness, yellow but not harshly blazing. It was a steady yellow light, calm and gentle. I could very well recognize this light was me. And I wondered, does that mean everyone has a light or rather IS a light in another dimension? As soon as I thought that, several other similar lights emerged out from other people sitting in the meditation chamber.

I realized that even if my sense of body comes back soon, this light in that dimension is going to remain and play with other lights, interact and dance while I in my physical body continue my physical life.

This light being yellow was very much like the solar light. It was warm. This represented the “life” energy.

Though, I have to still gather more experiences in this dimension before I could draw a clear conclusion, but the discovery of two lights, one warm and one cool, one white and one yellow, one solar and one lunar is what I have gathered so far and is quite fascinating.

Presence of Shiva and Shakti in the form of light had became clear to me.


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