My experience of Shiva: Tandav, the cosmic dance

In Tantra, it is believed whatever is true in the Universe is also true in the “self”. Therefore if the self is experienced, the Universe following the same blueprint is experienced as well.

Here is a narration of my experience with the presence of energy body or prana-kosha:

19th Oct, 2017: I was focusing on my breath in that meditation. The more I focused, my thoughts reduced. The length of breath after varying settled at a fixed pace. Very small exchange of air happened. It almost started to diminish and holding on to it was getting difficult because the exchange of air happened at a very thin line. At that point almost like turning of the stage, a new sense of perception emerged.

There was an existence of energy in the body that became prominent. I wanted to become passive and just observe that experience. It felt like all the pores in my body opened up. And yet it was not this physical body. Because it was larger than my physical self. And the physical self was not felt anymore. So, this bigger energy body opened up and energy from outside rushed in through all its pores. And they began to move creating many circular paths in the energy body. These circular motions were so fast and strong and so many that with that intense force I began to fear that my body will explode any moment it decides to break the circle and goes lose in any direction. But it did not break the circles. It was contained within this bigger area than my physical body which marked the outline of my energy body.

I was like an electric transmitter. I hoped no one touches me at this point, or I might just faint and this energy might break lose killing me or harming me and harming the individual who touches me as well. Because I was electrified. I felt I was radiating white light from my bigger energy body, with tremendous force.

As the whizzing of the energies happened, I felt I could simply get uprooted from the ground. I started concentrating on my root chakra while this energy dance went on. I started to say in my mind, “Mother please hold me. Even though I do not know what is to be done, you know the best for me. Hold me.” As I kept saying this and focussed on grounding myself, the energy dance started to become more gentle. But my ajna chakra (3rd eye) became very active. It felt like a thrust had developed from inside towards the outside from the centre of my forehead.

The whirling energy found its place to rest within my body and gradually settled. I concentrated on the base of my physical body to feel the gravity, to feel the root by which Mother Earth is holding me and to activate my root chakra to balance the thrust in the forehead.”

The energy dance that I experienced, very much reminds me of the dance of Shiva. The mad dance that feels destructive but when observed keenly has a system and rhythm in it. It is the dance of the bare energy.

The atomic diagram
I observed the circular paths the energy took in my body. It very much resembled the orbits drawn in the diagram of an atom.
Atomic model

Third Eye
The energy rushing out from the centre of my forehead was very much like the anger of Shiva that is shown. I realized this tremendous energy if mastered can be used at one’s own will. Anger, which is usually associated to a negative quality is actually just an outburst of energy. When not looked at it with any qualitative association, it is the force of Shiva, with which he can turn the creation into its basic form of energy. This is called “destruction” but looking at it from a wider angle, it is just dissolution of material form into its pure form of energy that is “Shiva”.
shiva third eye
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