Presentation + Workshop: Painting the colours of your “chakra”

With the popularity of yoga, “chakra” has once again become a word that is often heard. What can we learn about ourselves through the understanding of chakras? How can the problems in our lives be better tackled if we learn to balance these energy centres?

We will create our personality spectrum after we learn to evaluate our chakras. We will thus be aware of our strengths and weaknesses and be able to see many unknown links behind our traits that affect one another. We will explore colours in a new way touching upon a part of the ancient practice of chakra yoga.


2 hours

It is an interactive session. During the PRESENTATION, certain information is given which is then followed by WORKSHOP where the participants engage themselves and introspect in finding the answers. This brings many perspectives and the discussions open up our minds to newer dimensions.

The presentation is in a pdf format. To run it and discuss, laptop, projector, screen and sound system are required.

If the number of audience is large, a microphone would be beneficial.

For the workshop per participant, 4 sheets of paper (preferably A4 cartidge sheet)pencil, eraser, colours- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet (any medium) and drawing board to rest the paper are required.

It is preferable if the participants bring these stationary along with them when they attend. Otherwise, these can be provided, distributed and collected back at the end of the event, depending on the agreement with the host and the convenience of the event.

Please note: Though drawing material is used during the workshop, no specific drawing skills are required to participate.



Understanding of yourself
Doesn’t our own personality influence majority of our choices and quality of our life? Why do we then pay such less attention to this area which ultimately affects everything in the world? Understanding the chakras and what they represent will reveal a lot about our own selves. It will show us how the under-active and over-active chakras influence our perceptions.

Understanding others in a better way
After we create our spectrum based on our chakras, we will be able to see how colourful our traits are and how these interact in the company of others. It will be clear why someone with a different proportion and combination of colours see the world in a different way. Instead of being consumed with likes and dislikes of each other and our choices, we can therefore utilize this various palette of colours among ourselves to share, learn and celebrate the spectrum in a productive way.

Experiencing colours in a very personal way
Colours around us affect us in a conscious and subconscious level. But learning about the chakras and their association with colours will make us aware of the traits and colours present in us in a personal way. If one develops more sensitivity and awareness, then the relevant colours can also be used in day-to-day life to balance our traits.


Anyone who is curious about his personality and wants to dig deeper
We often like to identify ourselves with our family, city, country, religion and other groups formed on similar opinions and choices. But having these similarities also why are each of us so different? Is that an advantage or a disadvantage? Why do we prefer certain things in certain ways? If an investigation of these would make you curious, this event could provide an excellent opportunity to explore a lot about ourselves.

Students of art and design
Needless to say it is all about exploring the colours in our traits. It would be interesting for a person in the field of art or design to see how colours are associated with our personality and behaviour and how that affects us everyday. This information which can later turn into an experience can open up a new world enhancing our perception in a subtle way.

Anyone curious about spirituality and yoga
It requires time, practice and efforts to dwell deeper into the experience of chakra yoga. Through this presentation and workshop we will get introduced to this fascinating practice that existed in India. This would open up a door to the participants to explore further into this subject. In the present time, when restlessness, chaos and material desires are governing the world so much, this ancient wisdom on how to find solace within can definitely help.

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  1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I am so happy to know you enjoyed. It is very nice of you. Thank you for attending 🙂


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