Spiritual healer, Neeta Singhal tells us how gems and rudrakshas contribute to making our lives better

I had discovered Neeta Singhal through her youtube videos and was very convinced by the ways in which she interpreted her subject. It was fresh and apt to resonate with the modern, rational minds. It made me feel grateful that such wisdom were abundantly shared by her, free of cost, through many of her recorded sessions of workshops and presentations. 

I was myself going through a phase in my life a bit unstable in terms of ideals related to money. I could not decide to what extent should one give away selflessly and to what extent should one retain for self-sustenance and survival. And if one retains beyond the level of survival, would that be greed or need? How should one decide? 

Consciously or unconsciously, I ended up watching the videos online that were related to this subject. And that was when I discovered Neeta Singhal. 

Gradually, as I listened to more of her talks, I found it very interesting the way she explained the functions of Rudrakshas: Watch here, yantras: Watch here and gems: Watch here

Neeta Singhal

Spiritual healer, Neeta Singhal is the penultimate authority in the realm of Chakra Science.  She founded Chakra Yog in 2012 to disseminate lessons of the Chakras and Chakra Healing through Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST), a technique patented by her. Her mission is to spread awareness about the role of Chakras in achieving holistic health, success, self-empowerment and spiritual awakening.  

Chakra Yog empowers you to use the fundamental laws of life to your advantage using the lessons of the Chakras which are the energy centers in the human body. In her counselling sessions, she realigns the thoughts and beliefs of her clients and suggests remedies for them to achieve positive outcomes in their personal and professional lives. 

The world of faith, through her, had found a translation into the world of reasons that opened up many possibilities we may have overlooked or never imagined. An aspect of India lost due to cheats and thugs that led the people to mistrust, once again found an outlet through which one could enter.

Therefore, it was definitely tempting to ask her if she would be willing to answer a few questions regarding her work. And despite of her busy schedule, she has agreed.

Hoping her answers will quench many of our thirsts:


How did you decide to make this the subject of your work?

I started a website on selling Rudraksha and Gemstone on the insistence of my father. He said that there are not many “Brahmins” in the field of trading with Rudraksha who do with knowledge. And being a Brahmin by birth, we have been reading ancient scriptures and doing puja rituals as a regular routine of daily life.

My curiosity took me deeper into the mysteries of these items as I did not look at them as something to make profit from.  As I delved deeper, the mysteries of the Rudraksha and Gemstones unfolded and I understood how they actually worked. Being from Science background helped me further to understand the concept of resonance and vibration and chakras.

There is a common feeling, that it is the weak, lazy people who take external help of gems, rudraksha or yantra for personal improvements. The hardworking and focussed people work towards that anyway. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this? What is your observation or opinion?

A point comes in life when you need external help. Just hard work and being focussed does not help and life seems to take it’s own course. It leaves you disgruntled and confused as to why you are not achieving what you “should” be.  That is the time when life is actually trying to draw you into its true intention of “self realisation”.

Life flows with this intention and throws challenging situations at you so that you invoke your higher self to handle them and connect to your true nature. The trait involved  could be self honour, power, stability, forgiveness, patience, acceptance, willingness or letting go to name a few.

Ultimately, you are here in this world not to educate, earn, get success, complete your responsibilities, perform some karma and leave the world. You are here to realise yourself which is your true Higher self which is full of love, joy, compassion, wisdom, power and intelligence. Everything else is just a tool or medium for self-realisation. At that phase, people look for guidance. Some go to masters, healers, spiritual guides, some to astrologers, palmists, face readers and the like. Some resort to yoga and meditation to seek inner strength and some seek healing from Rudraksha, crystals, aroma, colour therapy etc.

How do you deal with the people of blind faith who depend on your products? Do these products work irrespective of any conditions? What additional advices do you give to follow in their lives for making these work effectively for them?

If you take a medicine for headache, it does remove it temporarily, right? In the same way wearing Rudraksha and Gemstones as per RRST gives you relief in your stress and anxiety and makes you feel calmer, more relaxed and confident. This happens because they work on blocked chakras and clear the stagnant energy in them.

However the person has to change the way he is looking at life and leading it and shift his dimension to a higher perspective. For this, we counsel him. Unless they are ready to work on themselves, they do not get the full result of this therapy.

With the scientific outlook having changed the perception of the people in the country, many disbelieve or consider the usage of such products a hoax or a placebo. Do you feel the need of clarifying that conception? In what ways do you feel that can be done?

We do not make any attempt to clarify the conception of people.  It is written in the ancient texts that the inner urge to wear Rudraksha comes to a person when he is totally ready after absolving much of his karma. I believe that a person comes to alternate therapy like ours when he is ready to take responsibility of his life. Till then he is stuck with blaming and accusing life or others for his problems.

Is there any difference in the responses you get from people within India and outside? What are those and what do you think is the cause?

People in India also do not know that there is a science to Rudraksha and Gems. They are taught to believe that Rudraksha is worn for coming closer to God and Gems are worn to protect themselves from planets or to empower them. The fact is that both work on your body chakras to heal them. So, clients from India and outside have similar queries.

What challenges do you face and what do you think would help?

Our challenges are that people mistrust about getting a genuine Rudraksha or gemstone. With so many suppliers around selling fake items, people find it hard to judge who is right. Then there is no price normalisation anywhere and people selling at varied prices confuse the clients further. It is only testimony from clients and working sincerely and continuously towards our mission that will bring faith in them.

What keeps you inspired in your journey?

The truth of the therapy and products and the immense benefits they give to people, keeps me going on.

Is there any person or instance or phase in your life that helped you particularly in your work?

I have discovered the laws of life and chakras only by the environment around me. As I learned to deal with it effectively while maintaining my inner sense of peace, I decoded life. So everyone has been important in my journey.

What is your biggest learning from your own work?

Truth always wins. Truth has immense power. And Truth is God.

How do you plan to take your work to the next level? 

The therapy will reach grassroots and it is life that will carve out a path for us. I am willing to do so when life shows me the light to go ahead.


She conducts workshops and seminars across the world to popularize Chakra knowledge and does one to one consultation with clients. Her workshops are typically of 3 hours which include a meditation of 1 hour. She conducts them free of charge. You can see over 500 workshops of hers on Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/rudracentre

Links to know more about her:

Email Address:  neeta.singhal@rudracentre.com

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