Workshop: Sound Painting- Exploring music, mantras and colours

In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God. John 1:1. This explains the significance of “Nada Brahma” or the world of vibrations. In this workshop, we will first establish the intuitive co-relation of music and colours, connecting our sense of hearing with our visual sensation.

We will then move on to a more meditative state by chanting the mantras and exploring their effect on us. As we keep exploring the various aspects of a mantra, the feelings that arise within us will be expressed in colours. We will experience how each mantra is a path leading to a world and is the world itself.


2 hours

We will warm up for this session by painting the colours that resonate with the music which is played. We will then explore how colours and forms are connected to sound as we explore the mantras.


Per participant should have minimum 6 sheets of paper (preferably A4 cartidge sheet)pen, colours (any medium) and drawing board to rest the paper.

Laptop and sound system are required to play the music.

It is preferable if the participants bring these stationary along with them when they attend. Otherwise, these can be provided, distributed and collected back at the end of the event, depending on the agreement with the host and the convenience of the event.

Please note: Though drawing material is used during the workshop, no specific drawing skills are required to participate.


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Understanding of the connection of senses
Though the different sense organs bring different sets of information to our brain, they are interconnected in our experience. This is clearly seen in cases of “synesthesia”. Painting a piece of music is a way to experience that connectivity. Exploring the mantras is a more concentrated way.

Painting as a medium of self-exploration
There is an inner world of which a very little is known to us. Painting can gradually unravel that world and tell us much more than we know about ourselves. While we chant the mantras we have to focus on the feelings it arises in us. We have to be very concentrated to experience those subtle changes in form in our own body generated through the affect of sound.

A preliminary step into the world of yantras, mantras and deities
As we chant the mantras, we will explore the form that emerges from our mouth. Soon it can become a form that emerges from our heart or other energy centres. Then the entire sound can be experienced as a radiance emerging from us. A memory or experience associated with the experience of that sound can result in a form, metaphor or personification in our mind. As we keep proceeding, we will tune our minds to experience deeper and deeper realms that the mantras can evoke in us. This is a preliminary step to understand and experience the relation of yantras (the geometrical, visual form of mantras), the mantras (the sound uttered) and the associated deities (personification of the sound or the sound as a living form).


Anyone who is curious about sound, music or the function of mantras
How do mantras work? Is it true that certain mantra can help us in certain sphere? The best way to know these answers is to experience them ourselves. This workshop will open a window towards that experience.

Students or practitioners of art and design
Though no artistic skills are required to attend this workshop, it could be a fascinating experience for the practitioners of art and design, opening up new ways to explore their creativity. Visuals, colours or forms may emerge that through our rational mind we would not think of. While trying to perceive the subtle experience of sound in terms of colours, we will tap into the intuitive realm that is beyond the sense organs.

Practitioners of spirituality and yoga
A person with a spiritual bent of mind may find this fascinating that a sound has so much potential. If one can follow the sound with concentration, after various experiences one will reach the origin of the sound, the centre where every sound unites. The more concentrated the mind is, the clearer the experiences will be. So, a person who already has experiences and practices of meditations and concentrations, will find it easier to enjoy this workshop.

*Or just being able to enjoy music or sound can be a good start.

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To organise or enquire more about this event, please contact



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