BELOVED INDIA was started in 2015 by Aparajita Barai with the aim to re-look at Indian culture and re-establish the understanding. It mainly focuses on the symbolic language of the Indian spiritual concepts and tries to revive the lost connection between the past and the seekers in us, in a renewed way.

Through the creation of artworks, it explores, experiences and experiments. Through exhibitions, classes, presentations and workshops, it shares, influences and spreads.

To aspire, connect, replace and evolve.

  • To evoke spiritual quests aspiring to become better individuals.

  • To replace dead rituals with living practices by re-exploring the connotations.

  • To connect Design and Culture, recognizing both as problem-solving endeavors.

  • To act as a bridge between “the ancient” and “the modern” to help in its healthy evolution.

Website: www.belovedindia.com

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