Stories behind the artwork: Durga

We all have our demons, some more fierce and some more tamed. Different demons could be active in different people or dormant and waiting for favourable circumstances. To recognise these demons and slay them by removing completely from our system is being "Durga". Only then one is capable of evolving to the higher state. The evils are within. The God is within. The journey from ignorance to light by being victorious over the many battles is known as Durga, the warrior goddess. 


Stories behind the artwork: Spirituality and religion

One day, it occurred to me that Krishna being from a village associated with milk and butter can very well be used as a metaphor for the entire spiritual market. Its almost like extracting the milk, making butter and sharing that butter. It involves hardworking people to extract and process. There are also distributers and consumers. I wanted to use this to show how spirituality and religion are different and where exactly are the differences.

How my “design” education led me to “spirituality” and “art”

After I passed out of NID, it took me some time to readjust to the world. It felt like I was part of a world where everyone knew a magic and performed it so regularly that we never even realized it as something special. Only after going out in the world, I realized there was a magic I know and I know that others from that institute know and that many others don't know. This separated out the muggles and the wizzards. The muggles needed a book to know. The wizzards just knew how to know.

Stories behind the artwork: Krishna

Not only that the music and the musician had become one, the tree under which he sat, the cow and the peacock which came close to him and everything that was “the other” had also dissolved in his being. He disintegrated into the surrounding and the surrounding became one with him. By creating the transparency of his presence, the hair being the forest, the trunk of the tree being visible through him, the boundary of the cow and the peacock overlapping with his, I wanted to express that expansion of that consciousness.

My experience of Krishna: The lover and his loving embrace

It felt like the entire Universe has a core. This is the center of that magnet. It constantly is pulling everything towards it and that pull is love. I realized that this centre was the centre for everything. This coincides with the centre of me, of the Sun, of the Moon, of all the planets, of the Earth, of you, of us, of the entire Universe and everything in it. For everything there is a common centre, and that is what connects us all. This is that navel of Vishnu from which everything emerged.

My experience of Vipassana: Mind matters or mind Vs matter

In one such session, the pain was increasing and so were the layers of current, consuming my physical body and dematerializing it in every step till the whole body was not felt. As I was present there just being a mass of energy I could feel no physicalness and so no pain. But I knew my physical body of course still existed and so did the pain. But to my surprise when I returned to my physical plane, there was no pain. Since it was gone, it could mean that we can easily remove any physical discomforts or diseases just by entering the energy body and adjusting the energy flow there. Probably thats what self-healing meant.

My experience of Shiva: Tandav, the cosmic dance

I was like an electric transmitter. I hoped no one touches me at this point, or I might just faint and this energy might break lose killing me or harming me and harming the individual who touches me as well. Because I was electrified. I felt I was radiating white light from my bigger energy body, with tremendous force. As the whizzing of the energies happened, I felt I could simply get uprooted from the ground. I started concentrating on my root chakra while this energy dance went on. I started to say in my mind, "Mother please hold me. Even though I do not know what is to be done, you know the best for me. Hold me."

My experience of Shiva: Cosmic energy and Jeevatman

I realized I could not feel the sense of my physical body anymore. At that point from below my chest came out a flame of light from that emptiness, yellow but not harshly blazing. It was a steady yellow light, calm and gentle. I could very well recognize this light was me. And I wondered, does that mean everyone has a light or rather IS a light in another dimension? As soon as I thought that, several other similar lights emerged out from other people sitting in the meditation chamber. I realized that even if my sense of body comes back soon, this light in that dimension is going to remain and play with other lights, interact and dance while I in my physical body continue my physical life.

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