Odissi dancer, Jaya Mehta tells us how and why dance, music and yoga are important aspects of Indian culture

Ancient culture in India was flooded with poetry, music and dance. Art was vibrant in the lives of the people and technology was no substitute for the rasas of Indian art forms. In ancient times, vidya or knowledge was not only academic knowledge, but vidyas of yoga, music and dance, which enabled one to live like a yogi within the family life.


Kolam practitioner, Grace Gitadellia tells us how this “visual language” can speak to those who can read it

Every living form is made up of sound and light that threads, weaves and knots us together in a Matrix of endless possibilities. These possibilities are expanding with our consciousness and awakening. Kolam makes that visual, what we already know deep within for being true but just can't seem to put our finger on it yet. And then Kolam takes you by that finger, the hand, the arm, the heart and mind and leads you to discoveries of self and your connectedness in this world and the Universe.

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