Stories behind the artwork: Life and the actor

Krishna is known for leela, the attitude of playfulness towards life. In this, the realized being does not abstain from life realizing its falseness rather embraces it and plays it like an actor. The difference being he does not associate the temporary joys and sorrows with his identity anymore. Yet he plays those parts passionately... Continue Reading →


Stories behind the artwork: Truth and alignment

Saraswati, the term means one who has found the essence of ownself. Saraswati stands for truth, the core inside each one where the fragrance is. She is shown as a simple village girl, who has gathered some lotuses and is on her way to make offerings. The Sun (representing the higher self guiding with energy),... Continue Reading →

Stories behind the artwork: Swan and the peacock

One represents the seeking of truth, the other represents the celebration of life. One represents indulgence, the other represents withdrawal. Though the material and the spiritual world apparently appear to be in contrast to one another, deeper understanding of either reveals it as reflection. The peacock at the peak of his realization looks at himself... Continue Reading →

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