Presentation + Workshop: Demystifying the Indian deities

Why is Saraswati in white attire? Why does Durga have 10 hands? Why is owl the vehicle of Lakshmi? What do the gods and goddesses mean and why are they so many in number? Can the deities be useful in our daily lives? How can we connect with these deities? 

In a step by step manner, as we pick up the visual language through the understanding of colours, symbols, metaphors and personifications, we will gradually get closer to the secret messages the deities hold for us.


2 hours

It is an interactive session. During the PRESENTATION, certain information is given which is then followed by WORKSHOP where the participants engage themselves in finding the answers. This brings many perspectives and the discussions on it open up our minds to newer dimensions.

The presentation is in a pdf format. To run it and discuss, laptop, projector, screen and other associated equipments are required.

If the number of audience is large, microphone and sound system would be beneficial.

For the workshop,  minimum 3 sheets of paper per participants, pencil, eraser, colour (any medium) and drawing board to rest the paper are required.

Depending on the situation, sometimes the stationary are brought along, distributed and collected back at the end of the event and sometimes the participants are asked to bring these along with them when they come to attend the event.

Please note: Though drawing material is used during the WORKSHOP, no specific drawing skills are required.


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Purpose behind faith
There are a lot of confusions, regarding our beliefs which are being passed on. We neither know if these are right nor do we know if these are doubtful what else should be believed in otherwise. This confused state is either making us irrationally rigid creating more conflicts intra and inter-religion or making us lose faith in our culture without having understood the purpose of the practices of the past. We will investigate the gods and goddesses from the modern, rational perspective to understand what is the purpose of these and how can these help us?

An understanding of the laws of nature
Whether we believe in God or not, whether we worship Durga, Lakshmi or Jesus, it is the laws of nature that work equally for us all. We will touch upon those laws of nature which the deities stand for. The more these laws are understood and practised the more will we be in control of our life. Understanding of these can also help us in our studies, work and job and in every single action and inaction in our day-to-day life.

Understanding the purpose of symbols
We often hear that everything said in the holy texts are not “literal” but “symbolic” to a great extent. But why couldn’t those people be more straightforward? Why did they add symbols to make the messages so complex which is the cause of so much misunderstanding in religions? If we understand the cause of that misunderstanding, probably we will be in a better situation to understand the underlying unity behind all religions.

Decoding the symbols in our day-to-day life
But what would we achieve by understanding the language of symbols and colours? This is an endless learning. If we start understanding, learning and practising this language, we can interpret our thoughts, dreams, desires, tastes, choices and surroundings much better. This is the language with which nature was created and using this language we can learn from nature. The dead surrounding in that way can become alive.

Understanding ourselves better
Understanding of God is understanding the highest dimension of our own selves. Therefore, this cannot be done without triggering the understanding of our own selves first. The WORKSHOP is focused on the understanding of our own personality through the use of symbols and colours. Attending this event will therefore clarify a lot of questions we have about ourselves bringing us closer to us.



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Anyone who is curious about spirituality or religion
We live in a country where temples still occupy a lot of our land. We bow out of habit while passing a temple to go to work. During the religious festivals we gather at home and do the necessary rituals. But most of us are unclear about why a certain thing is done in a certain way and what would be the outcome. Yet, out of habit we keep practising which makes us rigid and orthodox. At any of those occasions, if there has been curiosity in anyone, this event can satisfy or trigger the onset of that.

Anyone interested in art, design or visual communication
The deities would be understood from the point of view of visual communication. It would be interesting for a person with a background of art and design or having interest in these to see how the same tools that are used in these areas now, were used in the past.

Anyone who is curious about his personality and wants to dig deeper
What makes us different from the people around us? Why do we feel strong attraction towards some things and what does it tell us about us? How will understanding ourselves help us understand others and God? This event will create a wonderful opportunity to dive into the “self” through the various exercises in the WORKSHOP.

Non-Indians who want to understand India
People from all over the world come to India drawn by its spiritual history. Many are filled with awe at the bits and pieces that are still part of our art and architecture and are subconsciously embedded in our behaviour and lifestyle. Many of them experience the opposite having met with liars and crooks and witnessing the irrational, ritualistic side of us. India is a country of paradox. This event would reveal a part of what is at the base of this culture and how the misunderstandings created the paradox.

Indians who are skeptic about India
Technology and material-development are rapidly changing the landscape of this country and rational people educated in the modern lifestyle cannot find purpose anymore in the practices of the past. This group of urban people are in direct contradiction with the rural people who still cling on to their traditions. There are often frictions when the 2 mind-sets meet causing disturbance in the healthy growth of the nation. This event could help understand the reason behind the practices and may act as a lubricant for unity in the future.


To organise or enquire more about this event, please contact


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